If you have any #feedback after playing #NightHike, let me and/or @descartez know! This is just the first version of the game and needs plenty of testing!



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I got @descartez 's permission to share the #textBased, #singlePlayer version of his #game that I made, so I got a domain and SSL set up for it, and you can play it here:


It's card-based #tabletop game called Night Hike about getting lost on a hike at night, discovering a body killed by a monster, and trying to survive the night while the monster lurks around every corner!

It's super hard to win and takes luck, but the theme is hard to resist!

#gameing #videoGames #NightHike

I got the most laughs in Fibbage tonight when I answered

"[Someone] got the Guinness world record for using his nose to __________ faster than anyone else"

with "sniff" 😁

Good lord, the You Don't Know Jack game is sooo over the topβ€”kinda annoying, but just fun enough to be ok lol

Hey y'all can you help me with my to-do list?

1) I need to settle on a name for my shonen-inspired adventure #rpg #ttrpg that I'll be Kickstarting soon. One idea is "Fists and Friendship", but still deciding. Thoughts?

2) Thinking of getting a title/logo design for the above game, need to know common prices and turnaround times. Where should I look?


I randomly generated a character that I instantly fell in love with for DnD, and I want to play as her ASAP: Zeed is a blue jay aarakocra paladin noble who is obsessed with looking great and staying in fashion all the time. She's got a lance and a tethered short spear that she can throw and pull back, and her noble signet ring is also a +1 ring of protection.

I'm finding that I don't like competitive games in general, which is a problem because like, all games are competitive. There are maybe 12 cooperative games.

Guess I gotta try to figure out how to make more cooperative games.

btw, my character is Pinkatrink "Picky" Speldencracker, a half-gnome half-dwarf sorcerer who is a pyromaniac and avid reader of books about magic to try to learn as much as she can about magic.

She loves fire because she is rebelling against her family's tree-based god, Tsama, because she learned that other gods are just as powerful or more so.

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Our encounter with a giant mosquito swarm right now #DnD

The swarm just split into 4 smaller swarms and latched onto some of us and my character freaked out and cast Burning Hands, killing all the mosquitos and nearly killing her party members in the process πŸ‘

What if I published all my ? I don't think I'll ever be talented enough to actually complete any of my favorite ideas, but if I put them out with a CC BY license, then maybe someone will see it and be interested enough to do something with it!

Is there anyone you haven't told yet? Remember, boosting the signal costs you nothing, and maybe it'll reach someone who would love nothing more than a fantasy romp where they don't have to kill things.

With just over a week to go, we're almost 3/4 of the way to our funding goal! Don't miss this chance to get your copy for less than retail!

I don't think I'm gonna finish making my even though I've put in so much time and effort. I just think that the end product is not going to be enjoyable, and that's not something I want.

I'm a little bit disappointed, but I think it's for the bestβ€”not continuing this game will (should) finally give me the mental freedom to work on other games. And if I ever return to it someday, maybe I can do something even better with it. Who knows!

I can't believe my first project is on the cusp of the 40% mark! I'd be thrilled to see that happen today! Please boost the signal!


After playing with my friends yesterday, I tweaked the rules for using stats a little bit and also added a first draft of the progression system:


I ran a short session of GUTS+ with my friends, improvising the whole scenario, and it turned out really well!

There's still plenty to spruce up for balancing, but it's a pretty good system so far!


Dang! My friend just told me about this really good game idea he had and now I really want to play it! It's a survival game where you have to escape a monster, and it's played with a couple decks of cards and some dice, and it sounds really fun!

This game is rad. I've gotta buy it for myself!

(Forgot to post the picture!!)

I spent a bunch of time preparing files for a prototype print run on The Game Crafter before realizing that 1) I have no artistic direction for the game and 2) I haven't playtested this version yet and things may change a couple more times.

On the plus side, the current version brings the price from ~$50 just to print down to ~$35 by removing components!

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