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Board Robbie @Alamantus

I'm finding that I don't like competitive games in general, which is a problem because like, all games are competitive. There are maybe 12 cooperative games.

Guess I gotta try to figure out how to make more cooperative games.

@Alamantus competitive in nature or that they bring out competition? I have loads of coop games where people are working together. Most of those however bring out the alpha player. 😕 that is why I don’t care for them too much.

@robert I'm not sure... I think competitive in nature because whether I'm winning or losing, someone's not happy about being last or not winning. Maybe it's just that my family is really competitive and I'm not, but it just doesn't feel fun to lose because they're really in your face about it and it doesn't feel good to win because they act like it's ruined their day. I dunno

@Alamantus Interesting topic; my family happens to be very encouraging whenever someone else is winning and playing well. They tend to be very positive. I can see how if it wasn't it could be seen as a drag.