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I just wanna work on my board game right now. I wanna go home and finish putting the assets together so I can finally play the (hopefully) final version!

I keep backing all these games on Kickstarter that I haven't played yet. One Deck Dungeon, Circle the Wagons, and Clash of Steel so far, and there are 3 more still in the works! My tastes are just so different than my wife's, and I don't hang out with friends that I can just say "let's play this game I just got" with.

Ohhhhkay, you caught me. I really just wanna write about my personal game development because I don't play nearly as often as I create (not that I don't *want* to play).

I'm making an RPG system called GUTS+ ( and also I've been working on a board game where you race to be the best trader in your alien solar system that I've completely rewritten ~8 times so far. I just got the (hopefully final version of the) prototype board 3D printed and it looks like this:

Alright, so here's the most simple but fun game I came across recently: Tenzies. I was drawn to it because it was just a container with 40 6-sided dice, 4 different colors, 10 dice each. To play, you take your 10 dice and you roll 'em as fast as you can 'til all the dice are the same number, holding the ones you wanna keep. First one to do it wins.

Simple but fast fun around a table. 👍

Hello! I'm gonna try to put my tabletop games stuff here instead of just on my main profile (@Alamantus).

So yeah!

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