My big tit with fifth edition is just how boring rangers are. Like they feel so boring at level one, like nothing about them is exciting until like... Three.

Yay for uh. The last smash fighter.

Wow Incineroar and Piranha Plant.

How exciting.

I wanna go home and finish Deltarune
I'm so happy this exists

Now to convince my DM that for story reasons my druid should be a warlock.

The waiting game begins.

Super hyped for DND5e tonight. Playing a drow druid in a Homebrew interplanar adventure but the twist is...

He's ten.

The art I use is commissioned, for the character I was gifted by my friend Anuvia. I have the rights to use it, as transferred by her.

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Nice to meet you all I'm Alex, I play in five different DnD 5e games and I run a monster of the week campaign set in a small Tennessee town. I also am super into Critical Role right now so this seemed like my hole! This hole is for me.

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