I must unfortunately after so soon announce a hiatus with an undetermined end.

The project is several years old and is not a unfinished thing as well as it still being possible to change and work on it. So it's not a big crisis for the rulebook.

But! The founder has left all responsebillity to the project which means the project is at a halt. That also means I don't see much reason to keep this account active.

I'll keep it around though incase the project starts up again

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Are there any popular libre settings out there that you know of?

(By libre settings I mean RPG game worlds with either a creative commons license, a GPL license or MIT or public domain. In the reality meaning that the community is free to do whatever they want with it and build upon it)

We have had a discussion about including Zweihänder on our list over Libre RPGs on our website.

CC-BY 3.0 and newer is accepted by the Debian libre software guidelines.

But unlike Bind and PenlessRPG the book assets aren't distributed freely like on our GitLab.

What do you guys think?

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@BindRPG Ha! Good question!
Following the hashtags is a good first step. I follow a few authors that are around, like @paulczege or @ladylakira or @briebeau but also people generally talking about RPGs in a way that I like, e.g. @paulbeakley or @joseph_teller
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Hey, theres a new draft of the Adventurer available right now with new art and a better layout. Also has an oracl and aura in the back to help you kickstart your game. Go check it out!


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Twitter is the worst instance, I’m so glad we all decided not to federate with it

Now our based website is properly set up! 😀


(Soon the website itself can be used as some sort of rulebook to play the game as well)

Hello fellow skaterz! 😎

We are , a libre community created tabletop RPG similar to the , or kind of games.

That means that YOU can share, edit or even SELL Bind if you'd like or make your own game out of it.

But most important of all, it's a fun roleplaying game that isn't in the way of the ocmmunity and you having fun. 😀

Please share!

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