@BindRPG Ha! Good question!
Following the hashtags is a good first step. I follow a few authors that are around, like @paulczege or @ladylakira or @briebeau but also people generally talking about RPGs in a way that I like, e.g. @paulbeakley or @joseph_teller

@BindRPG@boardgames.social a lot of people on tabletop.social are into tabletop games, dnd etc.


Ah, we were on tabletopsocial first actually butt got the impression it wasn't the right place for us.

@BindRPG Almost everyone on tabletop.social, probably. (I try to only post about #ttrpg but I'm not system exclusive.) :)

@BindRPG I like / play, but don't talk about it much. I know @magicalmilly plays too?

@BindRPG I recommend @WanderingBeekeeper, who is working on the neopagan low-magic fantasy game #Venleitche and runs an official #Earthdawn campaign for #FASA. It helps if you appreciate good cooking :)

@lj_writes @BindRPG :blush: back in the days of GEnie, I was on Steven Brust's group, and whatever Steve wanted to talk about was on topic. He did like an entire week taking about goulash recipes.

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