Picked this up the other day at a thrift store.
It was missing the rules but a visit to BGG fixed that.
Don't know if it's any good, but for $2 I figured I haven't lost anything.

Some dumb (just because I'm new to Mastodon).
If I am also on another instance like mastodon.radio for Ham radio people, and I find someone to follow there........I can add them to my people I follow here, right?
If I interact with them while logged in here are both sides of our toots visible here to people who might follow me?
Or is it best to keep people I follow here just on this instance and people there that one?
Sorry if this doesn't make sense.

Been playing games since my dad taught me chess back in the late 50's.
Mostly solo gaming since my only gamer friend passed away last year.

- almost all types; especially classic rock because it was new rock when I first heard it.

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