Been playing games since my dad taught me chess back in the late 50's.
Mostly solo gaming since my only gamer friend passed away last year.

- almost all types; especially classic rock because it was new rock when I first heard it.

@CosmicJohn hi there, i also tend to play solo. What are you playing at the moment?

@big_chip Most recently - Desolate and Lost Expedition.
I want to pick up a copy of Nemo's War 2nd edition. I have the 1st edition and have enjoyed that.

@CosmicJohn I have been playing Nemo’s war 2nd recently, can vouch for it being excellent.

@robert I own:
1964 version of Battle of the bulge
Outdoor Survival
Squad Leader
1962 version of Waterloo

Haven't really played them. They're just part of the collection.

Heading home from the part time job.
Upgrading the dsl to 50Meg cable tomorrow.
Then maybe go to see Captain Marvel.

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