Working on a handmade secret hitler game. With plaques from @mholiv

@DDD Nice DIY! Are you cribbing from an existing hard copy? Or the print-and-play file? Or something else?

What are the plaques made from @mholiv and are you selling them?

@bignose Hey! They are 3D printed from 0.15mm layers of PLA plastic. The words are actually another color plastic embedded in the base color so it looks quite nice.

I could sell you a set for $25 + shipping. This being said I published the design files here:

You could print them yourself if you want or I can sell you them. In either case I am happy to help.

@bignose Np! What sort of jerk creates paid only extensions to a free and open game? Not me. Enjoy. The files should be up on all of the 3D printing sites soon.

@bignose Hey, thanks for the interest!
As you can see I am takeing some hard inspirations from the original art, with some adjustments, since I am handdrawing it all. Actually useing some extra thick cardboard and permanent marker. I will probably give some more detail in a post, once its finished.

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