So the other part of last nights 5e Game I did not mention, is the PVP. The players are being adult about it, so when I got a message from another player about punishing it, I pushed that back on them as an "in universe problem''.

Could be entertaining, could be group shattering. I've seen it both ways.

I've got to say the biggest thing I mentally have to get used to how much damage a 5e party can deal.

The group of five characters four level six one level five took down a young adult Green Dragon in 3 Rounds.

I had expected him to harass them for two rounds and then flee. but this was the third encounter with him so it was a well-earned victory.

Appreciate the welcome, I have a love for modern board games as well but don't get to play those as often as I would like.

My 5e game has become a weekly thing again, and comes together so nicely that even this old grognard is happy.

Afternoon! D&D 5e tonight where I continue to mangle Hoard of the Dragon Queen to better fit my Homebrew world.

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