Pub game night last night. Only one other player. I'd never talk to a stranger in a pub so it's great how games bring us together.

The game is Dice Hospital by Alley Cat Games. A worker placement game of manipulating dice patients to full health (over 6) and discharge, or risk them being neglected and passing away (below 1) to your morgue. As an ex-hospital junior doctor, it accurately imitates the stress of ward work! I lost to my maths teacher new friend. Glad I don't work in hospital now!

New to Mastodon and new to this instance. UK based board gamer. I love euro style games (Tzolkin, Agricola, Snowdonia, Concordia etc), Lovecraft games (Arkham Horror LCG, Elder Sign), and other narrative heavy "DND in a box" style games (Mice and Mystics, Stuffed Fables etc). Not so keen on combat heavy war games, especially with terrain instead of a board.

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