@robert Very nice. Way up north today was probably somewhere around 20C tops (68F). Overnight right now 9C (48F). 76-90 is my comfort zone for the summer (outside of course, with some A/C keeping the house around 68).

@christitus @mike
Thanks! I'm not much of a "social media" / networking type folk, but I'll check it out for a while anyway. I lurk a bit on Twitter; have a facebook account that is only checked once or twice a year, and that's about it. Not into snapchat, instagram, slack, etc. Have no idea what Discord is. I am addicted to youtube however, including Chris Titus Tech!

@big_chip Indeed. Any game in which I can end up with a negative score (bad) is fantastic!

@mike @christitus
This is how I finally got to checking this out. Signed up yesterday cuz of Chris' video. Before that, any mention on the youtubes or elsewhere of either Mastodon (is that a band?) or Librem.one was like "what is that? I have no idea. Ignore."

Top 10 games (in no particular order):

Age of Steam
Combat Commander
Race for the Galaxy
Twilight Struggle
Brass (Lancashire)
Le Havre
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
Russian Railroads

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New user here. Just learned about Mastodon and found the thread for this server on BGG.

as a hobby. Effectively novice.

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