I need to play more with video settings and take notes. I get to excited to be flying and forget the photography elements.


I love adding overly dramatic music to my videos. Found this place on my way back from the coast. Looked like a place for a D&D adventure.


I've been making movies out of my drone footage for fun and practice.

This one is a short walk (fly?) from my Dad's house -- I'm there a lot doing senior care.


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Hey I just realised I have been here for one year as of yesterday. Its been an absolute positive switching my social to masto from Facebook. Thank you all for making this such a great place.

Inboxes clear.

Todo list clear.

I'm out... see you tomorrow, Work!

Hint: It's not Aluminum Phosdex, because that's spelled: Illudium Phosdex. It's the shaving cream atom.

Citation: youtube.com/watch?v=L0D9ISBc2s

See: boardgames.social/@KiltedKen/1

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Let's see if IFTTT can do me a solid from Mastadon to Twitter! Part 2

Let's see if IFTTT can do me a solid from Mastadon to Twitter!

Pulled today's productivity fat out of the fire. Not a bad day! Woot!

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