Gotta enjoy the wonderful bit of time between when you get a new licensed game for something you really love and when you realize it's crap.

13 games (plus a prologue). Almost 8 months, and we've finally finished Betrayal Legacy. It's been fun, but I don't feel like I'll ever need to play Betrayal again.

Another round of Chronicles of Crime. On balance I still really enjoy the game, but the recent Shut Up and Sit Down review really did hit the nail on the head. It's a game that depends heavily on cliche and character type casting to convey information. Which is nice on the one hand because you don't have to take notes, but on the other hand the crazy person did it.

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops has some really interesting potential. Interesting strategy with enough luck to make for some good stories where the underdog makes a big play at the end to win it. Can't wait to try the Co-op expansion.

KublaCon weekend has been great so far. I've totally fallen down on pictures, but I've managed to play pretty much everything I wanted to, including one of the best games of Power Grid I've ever had. Plus we nearly won a game of Ghost Stories. Taught some new folks Concordia today, and got to knock a couple games off my shelf of shame.

We've got Blues Brothers playing. This is on a small handful of movies, along with Clue, that almost makes me miss having cable just for the joy of randomly finding them playing on TBS on lazy weekend afternoons.

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Hey Fedi!

@blodeuwedd and I have accumulated a few too many (used, open and probably complete) board games, so we're going to try giving one away per month until we've made some space.

Perhaps you would like to receive and enjoy a game? Or do you have a local good cause that is ready to accept and use a donated game on-site?

Publicly send us your best reason why we should send you a game, and we'll select our favorite at the end of the month. The game will be shipped by the cheapest methods known to humanity unless the recipient wishes to make alternate arrangements.

It would be really cool if the recipient posted a picture of enjoying the game with friends, their polycule, or prison board game club, crime gang, whatever (not judging).

Sound good?

#GiveTheGameAway 🎲

Boosts welcome. The first game is coming right up!

Also. I've never played the original, and it turns out that it's...not good. The crazy eBay prices are pure nostalgia.

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What happens when you ask some gaming friends if they are interested in trying the new Fireball Island, and it turns out one of them still has his childhood copy of the original. You play both back to back.

New Kickstarter arrival tonight. Waters Nereus from Dr. Finn. It's a neat mid-weight pseudo worker placement game that really deserves more attention.

I had some time to kill this afternoon, so inspired by @big_chip, I broke my copy of Deep Space D-6 out. I think this is my first win with something other than the starter ship.

Broke Chronicles of Crime back out. I feel like we need more string and pushpins.

I didn't get pictures, which is a shame because it's a gorgeous game, but we introduced a couple friends to the joys of co-op last night with Yggdrasil. Really glad I jumped on the recent reprint. It really sings with four players.

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Wotan is a good boy and deserves boosts. If you don't boost him he will be sad

Wow. I did not expect the ghost pepper, tequila, lavender hot sauce to be that good.

First day of down. I got to try Swordcrafters, which I look forward to trying a few drinks in sometime in the future, and Junk Orbit which is a great game in a super annoying box.

Tonight we'll be using our mind as the ultimate weapon.

I may come to regret letting my wife name the new robovac Murderbot.

We crossed the midway point on Betrayal Legacy last night. It's been a really fun narrative experience. I could wish it had a bit less of Betrayal's notoriously opaque rules, but still very fun, if that's the experience you're looking for. I'm certainly still excited to keep playing.

The fleeting thought, "I should really listen to more Gordon Lightfoot" passes through my mind and somewhere dad sits a little straighter.

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