Wow. I did not expect the ghost pepper, tequila, lavender hot sauce to be that good.

First day of down. I got to try Swordcrafters, which I look forward to trying a few drinks in sometime in the future, and Junk Orbit which is a great game in a super annoying box.

Tonight we'll be using our mind as the ultimate weapon.

I may come to regret letting my wife name the new robovac Murderbot.

We crossed the midway point on Betrayal Legacy last night. It's been a really fun narrative experience. I could wish it had a bit less of Betrayal's notoriously opaque rules, but still very fun, if that's the experience you're looking for. I'm certainly still excited to keep playing.

The fleeting thought, "I should really listen to more Gordon Lightfoot" passes through my mind and somewhere dad sits a little straighter.

The new Johnathon Coulton album just arrived today, which means the soundtrack to my afternoon has been 70's easy listening. It makes it hard to work on spreadsheets when I feel like I should be off gazing wistfully.

Not quite in time for pie day, but I successfully managed to get a set up today. Thanks for telling me about it back when I was looking for project ideas. I still need to tweak it a bit to get true all network coverage rather than device by device, that can wait for tomorrow.

Fingers crossed, but I think I've managed to successfully replace a cracked cell phone screen. Waiting on the advesive for the moment, but early tests were positive, except for the fingerprint scanner. There's no way that tiny cable was getting hooked back up.

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I didn't get any pictures, but we played a long game of Near and Far last night with most of the modules, particularly co-op, from the Amber Mines expansion. N&F is an odd game. It's fun, but the narrative structure is kind of at odds with the race structure of the game. Co-op helps that a lot by turning the race into the more of a precision and balance game, but until we finally included minions it was way too easy for experienced co-op players. Very few games I'd spend this much time tweaking.

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Drunk watching YouTube, and I've stumbled on a video of a dude who found his first cellphone on eBay. I'm so reminded of my old bombproof Nokia that my brother, sister and I got Christmas of 1999. I remember because my car broke down on the way back to college for a New Year 2000 party and I was super happy to have it. I played so many games of snake on that phone. My brother still has the same phone number from that family plan.

Just debating whether I want to bike to the store or play a test game of Viticulture with the one of the new expansions that just arrived, when it started like it meant it. Guess that answers the question.

Just debating whether I want to bike to the store or play a test game of Viticulture with the one of the new expansions that just arrived, when it started like it meant it. Guess that answers the question.

Midwest ex-pat living in East Bay with my wife, an asshole cat and our collection. Dipping my big toe into and . Frequent, but not serious bicyclist. Lover of .

I enjoy Concordia at two on the Britannia map, but it sure was fun to try with 4 on the original map, also with all the beer.

My wife is going to be out of town this weekend, and I'm trying to decide what tech learning project I want to attempt to fill my time. My first thought is I've got an old Windows PC that I could convert to Linux. I also thought about trying to set up NextCloud with the RaspberryPi I originally bought for RetroPie. I'm open to ideas mostly looking for something relatively easy or at least well documented online. I'm very much a newb.

Chronicles of Crime was one of our favorites of last year, and definitively killed any lingering interest we had in carrying on with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but oof the first case in the Noir expansion was not good.

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