Okay, I'm not done the book yet, but Neal Stephenson's treatment of the only trans character in Fall is at best troubling.

So, we got around to actually playing the promo card game, "Disrupted Data Centers,", from Rubrik. In short, it's terrible. (Not unexpected, but still.) The production is great, the artwork is cute, the cards are thin but well-finished, the copy on them is cute. However, the gameplay ("draw from the deck until you get a Disrupted Data Center card, if you have a Rubrik Rescue card you play it to stay in the game, otherwise you're out") is beyond boring and pointless.

Honestly, I thought "Calculator" was succinct and effective as a title for this app, but you do you, Microsoft.

So, I got this "Disrupted Data Centers," card game as a freebie promotional item from a cloud data management / disaster recovery company called Rubrik. I'm kind of eager to give it a whirl tonight to see if the actual game is any good. The artwork looks cute, and of all the promotional items that I've received, it's one of the better ones! :)

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I just bought the Deluxe Boxed Edition of a new Apple II game about being a raccoon in Toronto.

The 'bobblehead' letters are fun when you're conducting an inter-system jump. :) (Sorry for the super quiet audio.)

She may not be the sleekest, most modern ship in the 'verse, but she's mine -- the Firella Span (FSPN-3).

TFW you completely miss your destination because you were preoccupied taking selifes.

Just got back from seeing Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I went with my partner Sarah. We both agreed that it was quite possibly the dumbest movie we've ever seen. I don't say "worst" because it wasn't actively malicious or harmful, as some movies are. It didn't embody dangerous ideas or forward harmful concepts. It was just a flurry of inconsistency and nonsense that occurred at every level, from the macro to the micro, from the textual to the aesthetic, every moment, all the time.

The U.S. State quiz started off with, "Click on Oklahoma," and I while I was aware that Oklahoma existed as a legitimate political entity, I don't think it had ever occurred to me before that it occupied an actual and specific geospatial location.

This is a SUPER FUN (legitimately) site for testing how utterly awful your sense of geography is. :)

[Mine: Awful. 25% on Countries of Europe, 17% on Countries of Africa, 44% on States of Australia, 59% on Countries of South America, 70% on Countries of North and Central America, 37% on States of the U.S.A., 100% ON PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES OF CANADA READ IT AND WEEP!]


Actual tech support suggestion for getting my sound card to work properly, in 2019:

- Disable firewall
- Disable antivirus software
- Disable all network interfaces

I mean, okay, technically an actual brick also makes stutter-free sound if you drop it.

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