[Canadian, ] NDP election platform promises free dental care for all households earning under $70K beginning in 2020: cbc.ca/news/politics/ndp-denta

People that suggest meeting times after 9pm at a location convenient to them to buy used items from me and then when I text to say I've arrived say that they are just leaving now and will be another 20 minutes are rude.

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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

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Regex Crosswords -- a fun way to learn Regex or challenge yourself if you're already a Regex expert: regexcrossword.com/

Just finished Primordia. Gave it a 3/5 but with a strong "you should play this anyway -- just liberally use a walkthrough" note. PROS: Excellent world-building, excellent art, excellent story, excellent characters, mostly good voice acting. CONS: Incredibly, unbelievably obtuse puzzles, proscriptive attitude on game makers' part about what puzzle-solving approaches are and aren't fun, art style makes object/pixel hunting and even finding room exits extremely tedious.

1,600-year-old skeletons "Lovers of Modena," buried hand-in-hand, discovered to be both male: nature.com/articles/s41598-019

Life-hack article openings that immediately demonstrate that the author and I lead 100% non-intersecting lives: "It’s summertime, and that means it’s bar cart season. No bar cart? No worries."

For the discerning audiophile who doesn't want anyone to know they have a standalone digital audio player but is fine with people assuming they're an alcoholic instead.

I feel like such a failure, and then I feel like a failure even more so for so persistently feeling like a failure, even after have expressed such feelings in the past.

Looked down this morning and noticed that my car's empty light was on and the "Cruising Range" display said 3 km. The "next exit" sign on the highway I was on said 2 km. I'm glad that I knew where the nearest gas station to that exist was. The "Cruising Range" had read 0 km for a little bit before I managed to pull up to a pump. Eep!

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The two main food group are:

1, Mexican.
2, Other things you eat when Mexican food is not available.

I'm still amazed that, while doing yard work over the weekend, I stepped in one of the dog's digging projects and fell absolutely flat-out without mitigation and yet came away completely unscathed, given that my most frequent injury by far is "twisted ankle in my sleep".

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New sport: ball ball
Every type of ball and net scattered in an arena. In the center is a giant tv which displays a picture of the ball you need to score with. It changes at random points. Everyone is confused

On our first "family game night", we played Scythe digitally, each on our own computer. Attentions wandered and turns designed to take seconds stretched to 30-40 minutes. It was a bust. This time, we tried digital play pass-and-play Eight Minute Empires on the Switch. The experience was a nice blend of the plusses of a digitally-managed board game (cute animations and music, digital hinting and scorekeeping) with the social elements of gaming around the table. Overall, a great success.

I just got a free copy of DiRT Rally, which I've always kinda wanted but could never really justify since I'm bad at racing games and I don't really know anything about racing of any sort (much less rally racing).

I'm pretty sure, though, that when encountering hairpin turns, it's both safe and cool to come to a complete stop before proceeding around the turn at low speed, then speeding back up, right?

Yussss. Nailed it.

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