I got a Roomba for Christmas and I love that little guy. I can't wait for the robot maids but I'm not looking forward to the eventual uprising.

New dice from Little Dragon Corp. in watermelon tourmaline

I get to vote today because of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Thanks to those that fought to give me that right. 🇺🇸

💙Cautiously optimistic
this morning❤

Watching a video by Artichoke Dip. This one is a basic overview of getting into solo . Sometimes you can't get a group together or to explore new ideas on your own.


I end up buying things on kickstarter too much but this dice compartment and rolling tray shaped like a book pulled me in quick! 💸 kickstarter.com/projects/ingra

Got to watch Pet Sematary tonight with two people who had never seen it. The gasps of horror were amazing.

Too close face Snapchat filter 

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Here are some of my new cotton candy colored dice! I got them from a kickstarter by Impact Miniatures. Very pretty! :d20:

Ok what is everyone's favorite TV series? I'm going to say mine is Red Dwarf but there's also some nostalgia mixed in from watching it as a kid

US Politics/Birdsite 

The trending birdsite hastag is , people drinking beers to celebrate his "win." I do not recommend stumbling into that

Have any of you played the Shared Dream before? It looks like they are doing a reprint and expansion. I love co-op games so it got my attention and has cool minis. :d6:


Been reading Yoon-Suin, a campaign setting. I was looking for something a little different with eastern elements. It has lots of hooks and tables included.

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Is there some kind of help group for people who can't stop buying dice?! :thaenkin: Just backed some more on kickstarter :d20:


Reminder to register to vote if you're in the US and haven't done so. Here is a list of state deadlines


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