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Longtime RPGer, spent a number of years in the indie RPG scene, prefer light strategy boardgames. Tea, cats, sunshine, mangos, martial arts, 90s R&B & hiphop.

A weird thing about the pandemic lock down and gaming;

It's often easier to run/play a tabletop RPG than it is to run/play a boardgame.

This isn't to say that there isn't a lot of folks trying to change that, but between cost/computer needs, etc. RPGs just need audio chat, Google Docs, and maybe roll20 through browser?

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I just donated to the covid19 relief fund for the Navajo and Hopi nations:

they are at extremely high risk due to an intersection of factors. 😬 Please consider helping out if you can.

Learned that a ton of Irish people have been donating, inspired by remembrance of an event in 1847 when the Choctaw Nation gathered a donation to aid the Irish suffering from the great famine. A beautiful bit of historical solidarity.

@nindokag I just saw this and thought of you since I know you've been thinking a lot about a future with minimal/no plastics:

I ended up geeking out with friends today on chat, and we were talking about old boardgames - mainstream stuff like Sorry & Connect 4, to weird+cool 80s stuff like Torpedo Run or the videogame boardgames like Pac Man and Zaxxon.

Two underappreciated things in Apocalypse World's advice:

1) It shows mistakes and corrections in picking Moves, modeling that you can think about it and back up a few seconds to course correct in play.

2) The reasoning behind those mistakes and corrections teaches you how to think about the judgment calls you make, it teaches the "spirit of the law" in example.

Someone forked the ableist named GIMP program into the Glimpse editor with UI improvements!

Hopefully more Linux spaces can move away from being hatebro ridden.

The small good things going on for me;

1) Running a new Apocalypse World campaign. Yay!

2) Exercise has been good because I don't lose 2 hours to commuting every day.

I'm trying to be smart about money given our lockdown, but I found some small indie comics that I knew would be perfect for a couple of friends and ordered them to be mailed.

When I was in one of the more toxic spaces in my life, these little reminders people are thinking of you can make a world of difference.

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covid-19, how you can help

donation addresses for hospitals in the US who are short of N-95 masks and begging for extras.

Your extra mask could save a front-line health care worker from getting infected

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Hey if anybody following me is in the south San Francisco bay area and needs help with anything in these trying times, like, I dunno, groceries delivered or other errands run? let me know, let's talk, maybe I can help

I really appreciate SUSD's reviews. They do a great job of highlighting what things a game does great, where the hurdles are, and what similar games might give you something similar but not quite the same.

Dune was one of those games I was interested in for years, but I'm also at the point I rarely get to play boardgames as much anymore.

The hurdles to tabletop RPG design are logistically low; "print to PDF" "publish on the internet", but the conceptual hurdles might be quite high if you have to do a lot of unlearning the anti-patterns of broken game design first.

It's why I spent a lot of the early 2000s telling people they should play a wider variety of RPGS with drastically different fundamental assumptions to play ("GMless", "narration trading", "Player driven reward", "No pre-written plot", etc.)

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A friend noted that there always seems to be a "guy with a 300 page homebrew RPG who shows up at every FLGS".

The thing is, historically a LOT of RPGs had broken, incomplete, or contradictory rules; forcing everyone to be a bit of a game designer to just get it to work at all.

HOWEVER, that same bad design patterns also became they way the knew how to design their own games in turn.

Exercise is finally getting back on track. Next is to get some martial arts drills going again.

Some point when the money gets straight, I need to get another kettlebell, a good middle weight to work with.

Other game thing; managed to hack together a basic set of playtest rules for an anime-inspired RPG.

Simple trope; a few people get super powers to fight off an alien invasion. The balance is between protecting the city, the people they care about and winning the war.

Of course, making friends with various aliens and having messy romances is a good strategy too.

Probably won't get to playtest until next month anyway.

I want to pick up a War of Whispers.

It sounds like someone mixed two of my favorite boardgames together - Citadels and King of Siam.

Sadly, it looks like only the expensive "deluxe" version is still in stock at the moment.

For the last couple of weeks I've been reading up on the Lancer RPG and it seems like it might be up my alley.

Anime-ish mecha game with relatively low crunch/tracking, but still has interesting tactical stuff.

The free character & mech builder program is super clean UI, works nice, allows you to operate & store data locally, and is on Win/Mac/Linux.

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My wife drew this comic, about trying to find hope in the face of the climate apocalypse.

The depressed guy with glasses is me.

#comics #MakingComics #mastoArt

A cool blog post on historical weapon shops in 1930s China.

I love the signs made of wooden hanging swords... which, just makes sense as the clearest way to communicate the shop's wares.

It's feast or famine for me and gaming.

Though in this case it's basically me being slapped down with illness and basically not having energy for 3 weeks for anything besides getting to work and back. Aiyah.

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