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Hey everyone, I DID A GAME!

Its a really simple solo pen and paper story writing game although you could play it conversationally with other people if you wanted to. You can get it on itch.

Good morning everyone.

*fills teapot*

Milk and sugar?

“No of course not that Beathoven. I meant the dog, it was the 90’s, they were making a film. Yes they could ‘play’ the piano; and yes they did like a glass of sherry.”

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I love the idea of a vampire who used to hobnob with a lot of famous people name dropping in conversations with mortals in the future; completely forgetting themselves and having to backtrack.

Cricket test match is supposed to start today.

Of course today is the start of the first period of constant rain we have had since, probably, January.

This is also the only book I have that has two of the little book mark ribbons.

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Post came today. When i can see my little gaming group in person again I am going yo tun this.

potty training 

If I were to write a book on potty training I would title it “everything’s piss”

Well the potatoes that were not damaged cooked up nicely into hasslebacks. Really tasty indeed.

Anyone able to identify what might be attacking our potatoes while still in the ground?

Today is the day for the first potatoes to come out of the ground!

food: pizza. 

Nice big home made Chicago style pizza!

Nom nom nom.

So this picture of me and my Dad a few years back where, despite the singing and laughing, my Mum managed to capture the perfect straight face moment.

“The reason Tories hate [the left] so much is because we have songs, art and community. It angers them because they don't; not a single one of them has a heart to sing with.“
- My Dad, to me, some years ago.

As the years have gone on, in my head at last, this seems to ring truer and truer.

Me: i am going to relax this weekend!

Oven: pop

Me: I am going to fix the oven this weekend!

Oh good, McDonalds wrappers are starting to repopulate the road side hedgerows again. Nature is healing!

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