When i was about 10 i went through the programming manual for our Amstrad and taught myself how to write software so I could make my own text adventures. I saved those adventures to tape and would often put those tapes in the stereo so i could hear what my software sounded.

I would still do this now.

Todays random item.
Magic storage bag.
Can hold anything you put in it. Items placed in the bag magically resize so that everything can fit. Items removed from the bag do not return to their original size when removed from the bag. The more you stuff in there the smaller things will get.

The users hand does not shrink from reaching in, unless the GM wants it to.

Upgrading my router to . Wish me luck, if you never hear from me again i have gotten lost in internet wilderness.

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hey does anybody remember that time when I bought a signed print of the Garfield comic where Jon Arbuckle drinks dog cum and Jim Davis had to hire a PR firm and make a statement to Buzzfeed about how it wasn’t actually dog cum (it was)

My 1yo got hold of a gameboy for the first time ever and turned it on. Had Zelda: links awakening in it. When the music kicked in he shook his booty like it was the best thing he had ever heard.

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I call the testing/staging server Francium-223, 'cause it's pretty unstable

Always given my wifi networks programming language names. When the new router arrives i think i might name them Ada and Babbage. Makes a change from cobol and fortran.

'His eyes opened like a tin of beans.'

My wife was marking creative writing assignments her kids have done when she discovered this doozie of a line.

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I've played with Mastodon a bit in the past and decided to dive into it a bit deeper and learn more about it.

I'm a retired 911 dispatcher who still dispatches part time.

I am not really an RPG person; more of a tabletop board gamer. I tend toward games that are solo or have a solo component.

Made vegan burritos, lets hope they are good.

@big_chip Bonus points for prominent member of the government going on tv and saying the Boers were put in concentration camps for their own safety and so they could be fed without being challenged. He thought it was a good idea.

Today in the UK;

Karl Marx tomb vandalised for the second time in as many weeks.

Far right ‘yellow vest’ mob who have previously been seen casually making Nazi salutes are marching in London.

The government voted to scrap the EU human rights charter after Brexit.

Nothing to see here, all perfectly normal stuff. Not worrying at all.

Finally started getting the small home studio set up and its feeling much more like a hame now.

Still not at work but out of bed. Its plastic putty time today for a bit, then back to bed.

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Midwest ex-pat living in East Bay with my wife, an asshole cat and our collection. Dipping my big toe into and . Frequent, but not serious bicyclist. Lover of .

The joy of having a sick day where you are well enough to read but not well enough to go to work.

For a bonus, westerns are on the telly.

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My day job got eliminated. The vet bills from recent livestock losses have put our family farm behind on the mortgage. We're facing foreclosure and eviction. I'm offering this #handmade #maille #rainbow #pride shirt for $600 including USA shipping, originally priced at $900 plus shipping. If the shirt is out of your reach, please boost. I have links below.


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