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Hey everyone, I DID A GAME!

Its a really simple solo pen and paper story writing game although you could play it conversationally with other people if you wanted to. You can get it on itch.

Kicad is, in fact, good. I will henceforth be using it as my PCD software of choice from this point onward.

My own static site generator is now outputting my new website. Tidy layout I think.

“Life wont wait is the best album rancid produced, and out come the wolves was good; just not as good”

This was the hot take I let out that confused my friend when we were talking about music from our youth. Apparently thinking and out come the wolves is the best album is an assumed universal truth and people can not comprehend anything different.

The first daffodil of the year in our garden has bloomed!

Its 2020 so get with the future. Delete your Facebook and start your own website instead.

I love that every country appear to have its own type of dumpling.

I have stayed with the Chineese side of a friends family and been served the most delicate dumpling.

I have been to Poland and had pierogi in lard.

In Mexico I had some little dumpling with thumb imprints in them served in a broth.

I am now steaming a stodgy mass of flour and herbs that make out home turfs dumpling.

All of the fantastic! I am going to make a dumplings of the world documentary one day. I love dumplings.

My wife thinks its some kind of black magic or natural skill that means I can do most DIY jobs around the house without supervision. I shall share with you now my secret though.

I read the instructions.


And then again.

Hi Mastodon,

What brush pens are you all using for ? I am in the market for something that I can shove in my bag so I can doodle on the move, preferably refillable.

Thanks in advance.

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Just uploaded two of my old #Fiasco playsets to my own website. If you like Fiasco, you can get them for free there! If you don't know Fiasco yet, go and have a look, it's awesome for getting new people started with role playing games! #penandpaper #ttrpg

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#introduction Hello! I'm TQ. I'm new here, but not new to the fediverse. I've recently started DMing again, and I switched systems from DSA to D&D 5e. I enjoy the creative freedom very much, building my own world and slowly fleshing it out. I'm here to connect to other RPG people and get some ideas about how to improve my DMing. If my artist life lets me, I'll also share some oldschool character art.

If you're curious, you can find my main account here: @TQ, my art account here: @TQ

Creating your own static site builder for your own website is cool.

Creating your own markup syntax and writing a parser for it specifically for your own needs is super cool.

Also bear in mind that those of us who can compost can only add so much of your crap to our heaps.

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Dear brands,

While your effort to supply me with compostable packaging is admirable you seem somewhat to have missed a point.

I am lucky to me in the minority of people (certainly my age) who have a garden. I am likely in a minority of those people with a garden who have the inclination to compost.

Its not the packaging not being biodegradable that was the problem you see, its the reliance on single use packaging in the first place.

Most of that compostable packaging gets binned.

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