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Been gardening this year. 

There is now a van on our industrial estate that sells Bifana, a pork sandwich popular in Portugal, and I am going to get fat.

Thinking of building a cheap little mini itx computer and setting up on it. Anyone done this and think its worthwhile?

One of the parts of my job I find most rewarding is hand building prototypes. Something therapeutic about hand soldering all these tint components.

Tonight i board game night which begs the inevitable question. Will tonight be the night i find someone to play Illimat with?

I don’t have any painted minis to show off on , but i am playing blackstone fortress. Does that count?

Hi @Sibylthecrimepigeon welcome aboard boardgames.social, if you are new to Mastodon heres a good overview of the ins and outs kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact myself, @robert or @fabian.

Have a look around and when you feel ready post an introduction.

Happy tooting!

Taking the deep space D6 expansion for a ride. Upgrades are pretty good spin.

Soon I have the chance to play Kingdom Death Monster. The minis look great so I’m excited.

Its Saturday night. The little one is asleep and we have peppers, halloumi and whisky!

Tonight is a good night.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a fun adventure?

Looking for something thats quit light hearted and has potential to be hilarious but kind of has a serious undertone. I know its a big ask but we are coming to the end of a fantasy age campaign I have hand crafted and fancy running something from a book/pdf to take some of the strain off myself for the next one.

What i expect my players to do: use the fact that they own a bakery to exploit the fact that a large venue running an event they need access to is looking for caterers, to gain access to said event.

What they will do: spend the day eating cakes they bake and then charge in swords blazing.

I have become the kind of c programer that writes functions that take a function pointer as an argument for a callback.

Me before makefile: I will create a makefile, this will improve my builds.

Me writing makefile: Why am i doing this, its a silly idea. Makefile are evil and bad.


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