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Hey everyone, I DID A GAME!

Its a really simple solo pen and paper story writing game although you could play it conversationally with other people if you wanted to. You can get it on itch.

How frustrating. I had a little collection of little books about famous scientists, all part of a series; really good little introductions to their lives and works. Gone missing somewhere when we moved. There was one each on Einstein, Compernicus, Galelao, Newton, Euclid and so on.

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Who wants social interaction by playing „The Adventurer“? 

I do not recognise the royal families right to exist.

That’s all.

Looks like its time for Cuba to save everyone again.

My top gardeners tip for avoiding pesky weeds in your lawn is to dig up your lawn and grow veg or plants that pollinators like.

Last day of school in the UK today. My wife has been dealing with kids in tears because school is the only place where they can escape difficult home lives or get a hot meal. Its easy to forget that not all kids are rubbing their hands together gleefully awaiting an indefinite period of xbox gaming, for some school is a welcome escape.

Are we all starting to see the relative difference in value that a shelf stacker or cleaner brings to society compared to, say, a wealth creator.

When the world was in crisis did you do your bit to help?

Yes I did, when people needed them most I tried my hardest to stop people from manufacturing life saving equipment to protect my profits.

Have you ever read The Machine Stops by E M Foster? Its about people that live alone in little rooms communicating via video calls. They don’t go out because its too toxic outside and the advice is to mot meet physically with other people unless you really have to.

My wife bough these daffodils and they turned out to be these hecking fancy things. Where do i get bulbs for these fancy lads?

And last but not least i want to give my own solo rpg a little shout. Its a jornal writing game and you need a standard deck of cards.

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