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Hey everyone, I DID A GAME!

Its a really simple solo pen and paper story writing game although you could play it conversationally with other people if you wanted to. You can get it on itch.

That being said, everybody in the family has their own sunflower and currently mine is the tallest.

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As we we can’t be together at the moment me and my Mum are competitive gardening.

Needless to say she is winning.

Me and my wife have both been reading a lot more recently. I think one of the reasons is that I installed a mantle over our fireplace which has given us a shelf. Originally this shelf just had ornaments on but@it didn’t take long before it started getting a collection of books on it. Its amazing how much of a difference just having books to hand instead of in another room increases reading.

Turns out that the impulse kit on the machinedrum can be routed out to any of the 8 outputs and can trigger the scripts on the teletype!

This might become fun.

I have no idea what I used this for but at some point I remember several years back needing to bolt these power resistors to this big chunk of metal to keep them cool. There’s even a switch so I could turn them on and off, but I cannot remember for the life of me why.

I hate video calls. It appears to me that they just add a layer of difficulty to a phone call that most of the time doesn’t need to exist.

Now don’t get me wrong, they have their uses. We video call the grandparents every so often so they can see the kid playing. For an every day work phone call though there’s no need.

Considering that this case feels and looks so small I am actually really impressed with the depth it gives you. This disting module fits in fine and was a proper squeeze in my other case which felt much bigger.

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New eurorack case arrives today! Never has a small metal tray been so exciting.

Ok this is my first full ink and brush work. Quite a way to go to get good.

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