Dismissing books and tv shows because they are “for kids” is something I find very sad. Some of the best stuff is for kids.

The Gruffalo is still a joy to read.
Hey Duggee is the best thing on the BBC.

Go and read the Moomins or something. Stop being so serious and learn to just enjoy things.

@big_chip absolutely. One (very obvious) thing I realized late is: stuff for kids is (usually) made by adults. This can be creepy, but often that's fantastic. Grown up humor, in-jokes, and philosophical undertones. In the end what matters most is that what is created is done with passion, respect, and love for the product. Sometimes "X for kids" is better than "X".

@fabian yes, i don’t understand the mindset that treats media for kids as somehow a lower art form. I remember hearing someone once saying about being a children’s author and people asking them when they were going to write a real book which is just a weird idea to have.

@big_chip also I feel, at least in Germany, media targeted at young children often involves staff trained in pedagogics (which are often women!), so the end product treats certain topics often with more respect and openness (think diversity; haters would call it political correctness) than media targeted to grown-ups.

@fabian @big_chip The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is still one of the most profound books I have ever read. Seriously.

@big_chip I know what you mean -- my friends and I go looking for good YA books, because a lot of "grown-up" novels seem to be gratuitously mean-spirited and cruel.

@DadFashion sometimes you just want to read something fun instead of ‘deep’.

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