I’m currently unemployed, but still trying to finish my dissertation. So how much did I get done today? NONE! Instead I worked on a board game design. Very productive use of my time.


@dsrtrosy sometimes it’s important to work on the things you want to work on instead of the thing you should to avoid burning out and keep motivated.

@big_chip @dsrtrosy I agree, and this is why I do a time budget. Each day, I worked on the board game that I was currently publishing for 2 hours, in order to meet deadlines, even though I had been working on it for 6 years and was burning out. But I made a deal with my brain that the reward was I could work on my next game for half an hour. It worked.

@nemorathwald @dsrtrosy its something that I have found difficult to balance with working a full time job as you cant just take time out of your day to recharge but it’s important to try and keep some balance.

@nemorathwald @big_chip very cool! Did you get it published? What’s the game? I have an older game that I’m going to revamp at some point but I’ve done most of the research for publishing independently so I feel like this game will move to that point pretty quickly (my 20 years in media/PR/publishing helps there a bit as well). It’s a good plan, though, a time budget. I have to make my dissertation my priority, but the game is my happy place right now.

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