Now I am off bigger social media sites I find myself subscribing to rss feeds from people’s blogs. Its like going back in time but also feels like progress.

I am looking for any rss feeds that may be of my interest if you can suggest some. Topics include but not limited to:

Design (hardware, software, ui)
Game design
Gardening/ nature
Making things
Reliable news

@robert If you come across
some good stuff, toot it for us! @big_chip

@big_chip for reliable news I do BBC News, Wired, Ars Technica. New York Times is great but god they have way too many opinion pieces. I know it's not reliable or news but I also do Fox just so I get some balance in my diet and I know what the other side is saying.

@big_chip I've got a blog about the design and implementation of my "Odysseus" web browser:

And even if you don't use elementary OS, I would definitely recommend their blog:

@big_chip I see @robert & @urbanfuzzy might also be interested in these links...

Though I'm a little surprised to see you haven't gotten any other answers yet.

@big_chip when I'm able, I blog about gardening, in particular, Permaculture gardening in a small urban garden. Sometimes I blog about gardening in the context of having a chronic illness, sometimes about visits to other gardens.

I also highly recommend Emma blogs about everything from ethnobotony to gardening in space.

@GwenfarsGarden thanks. We had some Alliums this year that were lovely until our little one attacked them with a stick.

@big_chip I blog about the trials and tribulations of building guitars if that’s of interest (over on

@big_chip Environment-related RSS:
among others, but those are nice to keep yourself up-to-date with CC on the NatSci side

I do love my RSS reader, even if I let it get a bit unwieldy... I have a couple of small, very infrequent newsletters that have feeds you might like: &
Also for #solarpunk stuff, has a feed link.
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