I have been keeping the same laptop alive since 2006. I have swapped out components, installed a different boot loader so i can boot linux, changed a dead battery for second hand one that just about held a charge and generally kept it in good nick. Its finally giving up the ghost. Its the only laptop i have ever owned. I think I have earned my get as much use out of it before replacing badge by now. I will be sad to see it go but its time for a replacement. Let’s see if it can last 13 years too.

@robert @big_chip where has System76 been all my life and why am I only hearing about it now...?

Also I know they ship with Linux but is it a faux pas to dual boot Windows for Steam? (Or is there a better way to support those silly Windows-only programs that I also haven't heard about?)

@Nestarion @robert I think its much easier to install Linux along side Window than Windows along side Linux these days.

@robert I did look at them but it seemed more costly to ship one to the UK when you can buy what is essentially the same laptop here for less. They are all just cleevo chassis rebranded. I was however looking at the librem 13. I’ll probably just go to pc specialist and pick up a fusion 3 with no OS on and shove manjaro on it though.

@big_chip I think I have a spare Apple eMate 300 if you need it. :)

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