DnD night! We went on a romp through the sewers and then with the spoils bought an old abandoned tavern. The tavern has a small tower so my wizard is happy! (My character has a thing for towers)

@big_chip Nice set up! I'm doing a duet campaign with my Girlfriend. xD Any tips on mini painting?

@BisScottie soo many tip for mini painting but the key ones are

1) Thin your paints
2) Dark layers first and build up highlights on top.
3) take your time.
4) Buying loads of expensive stuff won’t make you a better painter, painting will make you a better painter.

The folks at the Warhammer YouTube have a series called Warhammer tip of the day. Watch those, it teaches you step by step how to paint minis.

@big_chip Perfect! Thank you so much. I'll upload a picture of my current project. Its my first time so go easy lol

@BisScottie I think this is a very good start if this is your first mini. The paint is where it is supposed to be instead of randomly plonked on.

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