@PastaThief Nemo’s War and its an absolute cracker if you like a solo game. Setup takes a little bit and the rules are written a bit arcane but its one of my favourite games.

@PastaThief don’t drink too much wine and play though, you lose track of the bits.

@big_chip I've never really played solo board games, although I've been intrigued by the concept. I have a few that can be played solo or not, but then it always just seems simpler to play something digital if it's just me.

@PastaThief this is true but I often spend all day staring at a computer screen at work so instead starting at a screen and playing a game I like to get away from the computer and play. Something about interacting with the bits and throwing dice that I find quite relaxing.

@robert it’s such a good looking game. Really fees like you are sitting in a ln old war room. It’s pretty good that all the important rules are right there on the board where you want them making the game flow easily. Its a solid 10 from me at the moment.

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