Going full kalimba mode. After quite a bit of research, I settled for a 11 tine kalimba from a French maker, with a deliciously dark Ursa Minor custom scale. And a second one, tuned to the Pygmy scale, as a gift.

This means 5 more notes than my current 6 note steel tongue drum. Absolutely luxurious!

@ice oooh fun! I was just going to go for a cheap off the shelf job just to get started and then get myself something nice once I have settled into it. The kalimba bug had bitten me too, what have you done to me.

@big_chip What I like is there are many kinds of kalimbas. I'm especially interested in the block models, without resonator, because you can put them on small drums, cardboards, wooden boxes, inside bamboo salad bowls... and experiment on the go. The ones I ordered have a fixing system so you can easily mount them on anything that sounds good (or play without resonator, of course).


@ice yeah I look at some that didn’t have a resonator so that I would be able to practice without disturbing anyone in the evening. I have some off cut wood about the place so I thought I might be able to knock one up myself.

@big_chip Yeah, it doesn’t look very hard, and there are plenty of tutorials online.

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