My brief review of 7th Continent.

Its pretty good to be frank. Feels quite original despite being a glorified choose your own adventure. If you like a narrative driven game that makes you feel like you are actually exploring a continent then it’s great. If you are looking for a solo that presents you with interesting puzzles, challenges and novel mechanics probably not so much. Defiantly has replay value.

Think it might be a bit of a marmite game for some but I like it.

@robert I am assuming people in the US have marmite or is it just a thing that us in the UK are cursed with?

@big_chip We can get it easily here. It is in the "international" section. My local grocer has a lot of UK items actually. We have friends that just moved to York and they introduced us to a bunch of stuff. The best: His Christmas Cake. LOVE THAT. MMM...


@robert I miss my wife's Christmas cake. Just haven't had time in the last couple of years to make it with the little one arriving and things. I hope she gets back into the habit of making it again.

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