I have had to drink black coffee this morning as I have run out of tea and it has reaffirmed 2 things fir me.

1) coffee tastes horrible in every way, how you lot think this is a good way to start anything let alone a whole day is beyond me.

2) I need decaf, im only half way down the mug and I feel like I am about to have a heart attack.

Bonus 3) seriously what are you all thinking? Why would you drink this when you could have a steamy cup of lapsang.

@big_chip I have no idea, I drink both, sometimes at the same time. Or even infusions. I guess any remotely natural sounding placebo energy drink is okay for me to start the day.

@ice I cannot start the day without a hot drink. Preferably tea but I will also go for honey and lemon. Just can’t get going without hot liquids. Coffee however is evil and I am never drinking it again.

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