Once a year a group of us get together for a Christmas meal. Some of us have known each other for 20+ years, some of us played in bands together. It’s always a really important day to us as it’s not only the only time everyone is in one place it’s also the only time we get to see some of our oldest friends. It’s today and our little family can’t attend because we have all come down with the sickness :(

Theres well above 20 people there normally. Last year too much food was eaten, games are played (we played fiasco) and we launched a lot.

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@robert yeah. Theres a new little one that I haven’t seen since they were a new born last year and a couple just announced their engagement a couple of weeks back. All our favourite people (excepting family) including the guy who was my best man and a chap who reads his own tea leaves and speaks to trees.

I'm sorry you cannot go but it's rad you've had this constant in your life

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