Im thinks about regional accents now and how my own regions accent/ dialect is slowly being erased because it’s not ‘cool’. I actually have quite a broad accent and have done video tutorials for things where I have been told to reign my accent in because its a bit too much and it makes me sad.

Its sad also because the Norfolk accent is fairly odd as regional accents go.

@big_chip Accents are the herbs and spices of linguistics. If they can't stand the heat of your delicious chilli lime, they should get out of the kitchen.

@Lofenyy this is undoubtedly true. Part of the problem also is that I carry quite a bit of old dialect with me in my speech though. Thing like using it with that at the beginning of sentences so instead of “Its raining” I say “Thas rainin”. Non locals, and some locals who don’t know, get confused when I talk about something being “on the huh” or “a rum’un”.

@big_chip Haha I get it. That's just the nature of speaking in a local tongue.

@Lofenyy yeah. Its a shame its phasing out and we are losing out local identity. Its happening to a degree to all regions.

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