Who decided on the order of the alphabet and how did they arrive at that order?

@big_chip All I can tell you is that the alphabet we use is the Latin alphabet, if you want to dig into its history. Some people falsely refer to it as the English alphabet, which is wrong. The true English aphabet hasn't been used in hundreds of years and most people haven't seen it before. It's basically old Germanic runes.

@Lofenyy yeah it goes way, way back and there appears to be examples of the alphabet as we know it in a couple of orders in history but nobody knows who put them in those orders, why the did and why one persisted and the rest didn’t. Its not like numbers where there is a logical order to them and the glyphs were originally formed with the number of angles that matched the value. It just seems like someone put the alphabet in an order randomly. Why not group the vowels together? Why not N first?

@big_chip If I had to take a guess, and this is a real shot in the dark, but I know that many Romantic countries have tried standardizing language, spelling and writing. My bet is that the Roman empire probably has something to do with it.

@Lofenyy undoubtedly it does. It makes sense to put it in a standard order to make it easier to learn and teach.

@bignose i have no idea who that is but if they have the answer maybe I should.

@PastaThief thats a pretty good summary if accurate. A lot of what I read in it went from the Ugarits and Phoenicians to the modern day but basically ended up saying “its how it is because thats how they did it”. The tidbits about aleph coming first because Ox was important and z coming last because the Romans needed to tack it on give a good insight into where we ended up where we are.

@PastaThief one thing i had also read was that the Ugarits landed on an order based on where the vowel sound was made in the throat, but there was no source or explanation so it might just be conjecture.

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