Today I will mostly be soldering 0201 size resistors by hand. Note the solder for scale, the solder is 0.7mm in thickness.

@big_chip Oh great Big Chip, what is your wisdom when soldering tiny things?

Do you use special eqipment like arms to hold things in place? A special pen? What is the magnitude of that lense you're looking through?

@Lofenyy its much easier to use lead solder than lead free for hand soldering these, in my experience it flows a bit better at a lower temperature so you are less likely to lift a pad off. No special equipment needed, just a soldering iron and a great deal of practice.

I put a tiny little bit of solder on one pad, move the resistor into the solder and let it pull itself into place.

The microscope was pulled out of a skip years ago when a local factory closed, no idea how much it magnifies.

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