Got a 4-5 meter strip of garden we cannot really do anything with. Just weeds and grass so I think I am going to rake it smooth, remove the weeds and set the whole thing with wild flower mix. Feed the bees with it!

@electret don’t get me started on that, I have wanted to keep bees since I was knee high. We do have a sloping bit of earth that I keep bare on the driveway for solitary mining bees though, and its full of them, so I guess it kind of counts.

@electret its pretty cool watching them pop in and out of the holes to be honest. There’s a couple of species in there at least. I might try and document them this year a bit. Every bee is important not just the honey making ones.

@big_chip I didn't even know there were non honey making bees :o

@electret oh yes I believe its only bees that live in colonies that make honey. I think it’s actually a majority of bees that don’t and tend to live solitary lives but i am no way an expert.

@big_chip I’ve got a strip like that. I was going to dump random herb seeds there and see what won.

@urbanfuzzy Mint. Mint will always win, and then take over the garden. Thats a fine idea though I like being able to pick fresh herbs from the ground!

@big_chip Mint are all triffids, IMO. I won't let them out of pots… not since the Incident.

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