Dear brands,

While your effort to supply me with compostable packaging is admirable you seem somewhat to have missed a point.

I am lucky to me in the minority of people (certainly my age) who have a garden. I am likely in a minority of those people with a garden who have the inclination to compost.

Its not the packaging not being biodegradable that was the problem you see, its the reliance on single use packaging in the first place.

Most of that compostable packaging gets binned.

Also bear in mind that those of us who can compost can only add so much of your crap to our heaps.

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@big_chip Here we have municipal compost as well, so compostable packaging can go in there if you don't have a garden or the capacity. They collect it once a week and the bin is quite big.

@PastaThief we kind of have that here but you have to pay a subscription for it and it’s not really worth it’s cost unless you have a garden big enough to fill the bin, unless you eat a lot of pies in compost friendly wrapping.

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