Creating your own static site builder for your own website is cool.

Creating your own markup syntax and writing a parser for it specifically for your own needs is super cool.

@big_chip In a similar vein, when I was working as a lab assistant just after my undergrad, I wrote a program that would write VRML scenes for me based on supplied criteria, and I thought that was pretty fancy. :)

@PastaThief it is fancy because it’s useful for you. Its one thing to make a tool, its another to use it.

@big_chip loosely related question - Where would you build a website with different visual projects, some more standalone paintings, some more with many pages like comics, some moving or even with audio? Should I invest my time in learning Wordpress and spending gazillion hours looking for the one template that fits my needs or are there better ways? I'm a complete noob, building a site is like hackerman magic level so before I start learning I need to know what I need to learn :D

@deerbard ok this might turn into a bit of a thread but I am going to tell you why it’s worth learning to create a simple website for yourself rather than investing time with Wordpress.

Full disclosure, I don’t rate Wordpress much at all. I am sure it had its benefits at one point but now I seem to be more cumbersome and bloated than it needs to be just to produce what is essentially a blog...

@deerbard Now here’s the thing. Wordpress will try and funnel you in a certain direction. Not only will you have to learn to use Wordpress itself and maintain a site; if you want to theme it and make it really yours you will have to spend a significant amount of time learning css and such anyway. If you are going to have to learn css as it is then you may as well learn a little html and build your own site...

@deerbard And here’s another thing. There are static website generators that turn out Wordpress style sites but as static pages. Hugo for example is a great static site builder and your blog will be faster, slicker and much less bloated than a Wordpress site ever will be. Here’s the thing with hugo though; it will still try and funnel you a bit. You have much more control and can modify the heck out of your page, more so than you ever will with Wordpress probably...

@deerbard But to modify a hugo site you are going to have to learn html and css.

Now while you spend all of that time learning either Wordpress or hugo, and then learning some html and css to customise the output you could just have learned how to build a simple site from the ground up.

Now, im not saying don’t use Wordpress or hugo (or jekyll for fans of that) but I am saying don’t discourage yourself from trying to make a simple site from the ground up.

@deerbard Its not as hard as it seems at first.

If you just want a blog with a bit of customisation that you can deploy fast then I would say use hugo over Wordpress all day long.

If however you want something a bit more custom and personal then you will probably want to look into writing your own website.

Heck my website is built with hugo at the moment, but I am finding customisation a pain to hack in, and its come to the point where I am abandoning it for my own design.

@big_chip Thx a lot. Yes, my goal is not a blog but heck I don't even know what exactly is static page and if I want this or a dynamic one. I know I know, I'll find it all on Youtube. I think finding your toot and asking you and now you replying in such a informative way may have unblock sth within me and I may start investigating slowly in this direction. Finally sth will move.

@deerbard you probably want a static page. Dynamic pages are useless bulk unless you need to provide different content to each user. If everyone looking at a page is going to see the same images and text as everyone else then a dynamic page is just a waste of time and computing power.

@deerbard extreme example: is a static site, everybody who visits sees the exact same content.

YouTube is dynamic, everybody sees different videos suggestions fed to them by the algorithm and their followed content creators. No two people likely see the exact same YouTube home page.

@big_chip Ah it's about that! Thx! I love talking to people. In a short talk I can learn sth that would take me falf a day and a headache :D
Ofc I need a static one in this case.

Ok one more question. Any hint where to start learning? :) Any cool channel that would guide me through basics or a cool way to start experimenting on my own?

@deerbard wooo! loads of good places to learn. You only really want to bother with html and css to be honest in that order.

Here’s a good place to start:

Interactive tutorials galore.

@big_chip @deerbard

Cool, thread! Working on getting better at website stuff myself. I've found neocities a great playground!

With regards to wordpress I think it's designed for like accessabillity in mind and collaboration. I've found it pretty neat and it's opensource!

But I get that more experienced people like other stuff and minimalistic websites are cool.

@ChrisTalleras @deerbard oh totally. I am sure Wordpress has its usefulness somewhere, I just think most people who are just running a personal blog are probably making life harder for themselves using it. But hey if you want to use Wordpress go ahead I don’t want to be that guy who says you never should, just the one that says consider the alternatives first.

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