So soon some of us might be self isolating with a lot of time on our hands or not being able to get to our regular gaming group. I want you all to know that there is a whole world of games that you can in this time.

That is correct, games that you play alone are a thing so come with me now into the wonderful world of solo gaming and lets play alone together.

We will start with some solo RPG games:

In true RPG style lets start things off with Session Zero.

Session Zero is a game about creating characters. Using a standard deck of playing cards you can create characters and their back stories.

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Ever wanted to write your own mecha anime series? Well then, here is the game for you: plot ARMOR. You will need a single six sided dice to play and you will be writing the story or the protagonist of a mecha anime all of your own creation.

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Fancy hopping in a space ship and traveling from planet to planet? Give Alone Among the Stars a go. You only need a standard deck of cards!

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"But what about a game where a princess has a cursed sword?" i hear you all yell. Well maybe you should all play Princess with a cursed sword, you will need a deck of tarot cards.

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These have all been quite narrative focused so far so how about a more traditional dungeon crawling experience?

Four against darkness is more like a traditional dungeon delving game where you take 4 characters into a dungeon. You will need some six sided dice and a pen and paper.

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And lets not forget Ironsworn which is more like a traditional rpg but with solo rules.

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And last but not least i want to give my own solo rpg a little shout. Its a jornal writing game and you need a standard deck of cards.

@big_chip This is definitely not my kind of thing, but it's intriguing. I bought a copy and I shall give it a try.

@tobyr21 thank you very much for your generosity, I hope you find some enjoyment in it.

@big_chip I have read the basic rules. I'm going to try a game without any of the optional rules. One question: I'm going to run out of hearts first, right? Because i will be tempted to have multiple events per location. You do not have a reshuffle rule, I think.

@tobyr21 thats likely yes. If you wish to shuffle the cards back in once a pile is expended then thats fine, you will be getting repeat events though which can be a bit of a drag. I usually wrap it up once a deck is spent but you could keep going as long as if feels right.

@big_chip It's been a while since I did any serious fiction writing. Your game spurred me to write a decent short story, about 4,000 words, this afternoon. We did a very nice job of plumbing my subconscious for inspiration.

@tobyr21 that’s wonderful news! 4000 words, that’s quite the writing session. I hope you enjoyed the experience, sounds like it led to something good.

@big_chip I decided to rewrite the first para of The adventure in order to avoid using "they" in the singular, although I do accept that as acceptable modern English. I have two versions i would like to send to you. (Both are slightly longer than 500 characters.) Please give me (in a direct msg?) a way to email or contact you.

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