@big_chip so that’s what dirt looks like. In Florida we have sand.

@robert we are pretty lucky to have such good soil. It’s weird though because just a couple of streets over the soil is so packed with clay it’s nearly impossible to dig.

@big_chip @robert In Central Jersey (the garden state) we have very clayey soil full of rocks left by a glacier that pushed as far south as our area and melted. Nonetheless, the climate is good for growing. I usd to grow tomatoes until one year where the squireels got every single one.

@tobyr21 @robert I am tomato cursed. Tried many times but the things just wont grow for me. My grandpa used to grow the best tomatoes ever but nobody else in the family can at all. We assume he made a deal with the devil or something and bargained our tomato growing ability away to improve his.

@big_chip @robert
Here's how I learned I could grow tomatoes: Our daughter came home from nursery school with a tomato plant in soil in the bottom of a milk carton. She announced proudly that we could plant it and get fruit. We didnt! We feared it would just die and be a great disappointment.
Disgusted with us, little Naomi planted the plant herself, and it bore eleven delicious tomatoes. Hmmm...

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