My top gardeners tip for avoiding pesky weeds in your lawn is to dig up your lawn and grow veg or plants that pollinators like.

@dualhammers i put a load if wild flower seeds down last year but they haven’t done anything yet. Think the birds ate most of them, so not a total loss I suppose.

@dualhammers I did however wait gir all the forget me nits to die and dry out by the side of the road on the way to work and the gathered a load if the dry plants and chucked them around the edge if our garden. Hopefully they dropped their seeds and we will be over run by them this year.

@big_chip Lawn? What Lawn...

I have learned to enjoy my neighbor's plants and suppress the desire to grow similar ones on my own. I do however wish I had an Umbrella Magnolia, since there are none left in my town today. I'm also fascinated by the one smokebush I've admired over the years. its tiny flowers fade and make the entire bush appear to be engulfed in smoke, for weeks.

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