So my little game The Queen Returns and over 700 more are have all banded together in the Bundle For Racial Justice. Its $5 or more on itch and provides a lifetime of stuff to play. All money goes to the Community Bail fund and NCAAP Legal Defence and Education fund.

Now you know that my game is there, so I want to highlight a few games that I think are good on this list.

The ground itself is a game about a single space at several moments in time. Its really good and we sometimes paly it at work while running the machines.

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In The Light Of A Ghost Star.

Scifi role playing about exploring the earth aeons after the sun has died.

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Mossy Mechanics!

A game about being a sentient moss that is fighting against the bugs trying to destroy you.

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Moss Creeps Stone Crumbles.

A great little story telling game! The story of a forest grove over 100 years. 2 or more players.

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A map drawing and story telling game about kids exploring old war ravages landscapes.

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