So we went to the woods today. The woods are just a short hop from our home. We have bee walking there for 10 years or more and have barely seen another person other than a couple of locals. Today we could barely move for other families and groups walking. Now I don’t want to be one of them locals only sorts and i am happy that more people are getting out and enjoying wildlife... but.

Today was the first time we encountered a lot of dogs off leads despite lots of signs saying to keep them on..

Now this is not normally a problem. This time of year however there are a lot of wild birds nesting in the area including a number of ground nesting varieties. The reason you are told to keep your dog on a lead is not because the fun police are trying to stop your dogs fun. They are trying to preserve several somewhat endangered bird species from having their nests trounced by the black shuck.

Also with more people comes another problem..

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With more people in the woods this is the first time I have found the detritus of their picnics. Bottles and cans of drink, crisp packets, sandwich wrappers. All just discarded in the hedges.

I know you like to come here because it’s so nice, leave it that way for the rest of us instead of using all the nice up.

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So yeah, I don’t want to be all locals only about the woods but if you cannot behave responsibly then piss off out of them.

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