Okay, okay. I am starting to really like . Giving :opensuse: a spin now. I think I am going to use this setup for a bit to see exactly how much it grows on me.


@jan @robert yeah. We had a single lesson at college where they made us install it so we could see an “alternative OS” and then pretty much instantly put windows over the top again.

Damage was done by that point though, my interest was piqued and I was shortly radicalised by FOSS.

They tried to pit me back in their tidy little window box; but to no avail.

@big_chip @robert Ah, there was a lot more linuxing going on at my college 10 years (shit it's been a while 😄).
My story started that my dad's colleague gave him this huge box SuSe Linux 6 cds (I think the box must have had 10 cds inside) after I had fiddled around with Knoppix for a while. I tried it and stuck with it. Gaming was always on Windows though. I've been switching OSes a lot in the last years, currently I'm on pop!os 20.04.

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