Honestly I just don’t get it. I think it might be a city folk thing. I grew up rural and whenever me an my friends would go out into the woods with our beers or bottles of cheap cider we would always keep the bags we took them in as a bin and take the trash away with us. Nobody local ever left rubbish because we know nobody is going to come clean up after them.

City folks are free to drop their crap all over the place and at some point comes a council employee to pick it up for them.

@big_chip yes, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be responsible for their own trash, as I'm sure you know and believe. I like to say to people, "well you live here too, right?" When they answer "no I'm just visiting" I reply with "oh you're visiting earth? Wow, which planet did you come from? No you live on earth? Well then you do live here. Please pick up your trash."

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