Ok my Zettlekasten implementation is almost feature complete for how I want it. You can see the source now, its fairly dirty as i just wrote it to get it working not for display.

Hopefully someone will find reading the code useful.

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@whtrbt I think you were interested in seeing the source a while ago.

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@whtrbt Yeah, sorry about the spelling mistake :S

Hope its of some help to you.

@big_chip going to download and try to build it now... this will be the second piece of software I've compiled myself. :) other than my own, I mean.

@big_chip mental VM is me reading the code and running it in my head :) the code is pretty easy to follow actually

@whtrbt I should have picked up on that, think my mental VM needs a bit of an update at the moment :)

Glad the code is easy to follow, I was worried it was a right mess as I just kind of pieced it together instead of planning properly.

Cool. Could you throw a license file in that bad boy, please? I've been looking for a fun payload to carry my motivation forward while refreshing my memory on some programming techniques I need for the next step of something I'm working on. I want to know how to credit you if ZK remains in the final project

@yaaps certainly, I usually just chuck an MIT on all my stuff.

@yaaps There may be bugs though so tread carefully if you include it in your own project.

C isn't kind to cargo cult coding :vv: :oh_no_bubble:

I just need something "in between" the stock examples and my actual project to practice passing things between C and Lua, but I know that if I invest much time in it that it'll leak

Procrastination rewarded again! Many thanks. I've want an excuse to play with ZK for awhile

@cblgh i will be. Or at least hope to. I intend to write a separate tool that will take the entries and spit out formatted and linked html so you can keep it on the web.

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