Changed the address of the repo for Zettelkasten because it was spelt wrong. Is actually at:

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@big_chip Just saw your commit of your ZK software. Is it a case simply of "clone and make"?

I saw your warnings, but I was wondering what your version of this idea does, and how one uses it. Is it a CLI?

I'd be interested to know how it matches my unimplemented thoughts:

@ColinTheMathmo yeah its clone, make and copy the binary in the build directory somewhere on your path. Linux support only.

Its got an ncurses UI so it will run in any terminal that supports that.

It allows for the creation of small notes and the linking of them together via meaningful context. Its hoped that having these contexts for links between notes makes the flow of ideas clearer and easier to follow.

If also forces you to keep your mistakes, we should learn from them not hide them.

@ColinTheMathmo The whole of the journal is kept in a folder that will be created in your home directory and all of the entries are in a plain text format that is easy to read. This means that the information can also be useful outside of the app itself, and a single Zettelkasten should be portable to any other software that wished to implement the same file structure.

@big_chip Well, I guess the time has come for me to learn to use git-via-github instead of just git-for-me. It will be interesting to see how to compares with my existing mish-mash of scripts.

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