I should receive my toki pona book tomorrow! Then I can start learning in earnest.

I intend to read a couple of pages a day at work on my lunch break.

@big_chip Hey, that's cool! I've actually met Sonja Lang (the creator of Toki Pona) before. :)

@big_chip (let me rephrase my previous toot, since apparently I can't spell and used overly complicated structures I don't master yet)

kama pona! -- welcome!

ona pi mi mute! -- that's how I'd say "one of us!" but I'm not sure it's the best way to say this.

@ice i read the original as something like “welcome to a big community” but I am still beginning.

I was going to respond in toki pona but I’m just not quite there yet. Thanks for the welcome though!

@big_chip In fact "mute" usually means "many" or "a lot", but if you use it after "mi" it changes it to "us/ours" instead of "me/mine". So it was something like “welcome, you’re joining our community" ("kulupu”, which I spelt wrong because for some reason, while it’s one of the first words I’ve learned, I keep adding "e" at the end instead of "u".)

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