One of the girls in the gaming group just sent this picture around and now I am excited.

Slightly better one with the jaggy edges removed and a few bits touched up. calling it done.

Today I will mostly be soldering 0201 size resistors by hand. Note the solder for scale, the solder is 0.7mm in thickness.

Happy new year everyone, I hope you have all made your lucky new year lemon pigs!

So i have been reading through the Genesys core book recently and I have to admit I am pretty excited about running this for the group I ran FAGE for in the new year. Also I think the narrative dice system looks more perfect for solo rpg games than most other systems I have read. Its interesting how the dice narrative dice don’t just produce a binary pass/ fail result like DnD and others. Its really going to work out my GM muscles running it.

First tentative kalimba steps. Doesn’t sound as clangy in person the phones mic is just a bit naff. Or at least that’s what I am telling people.

I did it once and now every year it is expected of me to make “comical” gift tags. This years offerings.

Rustlings tutorials cant run because rustc is not installed.

but it is.

any ideas?

I just want to say that minimal prompts are the way forward, but its nice to have the current directory printed on the line above.

in fish this is:

function fish_prompt
set_color green; echo (pwd)
set_color normal; echo '$ '

My Dad: We are doing a Christmas show.

Me: who’s we?

My Dad: Me and you, heres the songs. *hands pink folder of music*, bye now.

Guess I should start learning.

One last push to get another book read before the year is out. Starting to make time for reading has been a huge positive boost to me this year.

Knuckle-dusters, a duster that you wear on your knuckles for fighting dirt.

Give dust a knuckle sandwich.

I just love buying these old reference books from charity shops.

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