food, breakfast, mushrooms! 

food, pizza. 

BRB, learning to juggle with these woolly pumpkins someone made our little one.

day 6

The kick on this was made from the output of maths channel running at audio rate fed into the top channel of an LxD that was being pinged.

Tonight’s birds nest of wires, note how I have a spare passive mult kicking about incase of emergency.

day 5

Only had a few moments today to make some noise. All of these patches so far have been self playing,

And in tonight’s episode of an absolute birds nest of wires.

When you sit at the piano for a couple of minutes and try to play the Ashokan Farewell by ear from memory. Close, going well, still going well, plonk!

So I popped into my parents and they had a look at my sketchbook. Apparently they liked my drawing of Dizzy G’ do much they framed it and put it on the wall there and then. Am i a artist now?

For a long time I have been turning on the computer to the sq-1 or buying a metric ton of batteries to power it. Only this morning did it occur to me that i could use a phone charger to power it.

Its the last day, its Halloween, the theme it ‘ripe’, here’s a drawing of a pumpkin, I’m out.

Cheers, its been fun.

Inktober day 29 

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