This is also the only book I have that has two of the little book mark ribbons.

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Post came today. When i can see my little gaming group in person again I am going yo tun this.

Well the potatoes that were not damaged cooked up nicely into hasslebacks. Really tasty indeed.

Anyone able to identify what might be attacking our potatoes while still in the ground?

food: pizza. 

Nice big home made Chicago style pizza!

Nom nom nom.

So this picture of me and my Dad a few years back where, despite the singing and laughing, my Mum managed to capture the perfect straight face moment.

A rare sighting of a wild unmarked floppy roaming around the building.

No idea where it came from, but there it is.

I was making a tagine a couple of months back and kept a ew seeds from a butternut squash.

Dried them and then popped them in a pot not expecting anything.

Today I planted the bigger plants in the ground.

Keep the seeds from your veg, you can grow them!

Fresh from the garden just moments ago, beetroot salad for lunch I think!

I actually came back to this business card because I thought I could do better. I did.

big summer garden update. 

We were donated some sunflowers which seem to be doing nicely at the moment. Our kids is doing the best!

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big summer garden update. 

You can see where the excessive dry weather affected this hydrangea. Leaves started growing on last year’s growth but dried out. It was the first sign things were too dry. Came back to life though its a bit untidy, ill just let it grow this year and tidy it up next year.

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big summer garden update. 

We actually have some blueberries growing this year. Only a few, but its still something.

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