@robert Sagrada is excellent. Good solo, good with groups. Its a personal favourite.

Rhino hero is good for kids and easy but fun for adults. We used to enjoy it at the pub after we had a few.

@tobyr21 there are some varieties that smell and some that don’t, I also think it’s a bit of luck too as to how much scent they produce. Its a fine specimen you have there, beautiful tree.

@tobyr21 I love those. Going to get a smaller variety for our garden next year hopefully. Does your one have a good scent?

How frustrating. I had a little collection of little books about famous scientists, all part of a series; really good little introductions to their lives and works. Gone missing somewhere when we moved. There was one each on Einstein, Compernicus, Galelao, Newton, Euclid and so on.

@flip next time I have to do fancy dress (probably never) I know who I am going as.

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Who wants social interaction by playing „The Adventurer“? 

I do not recognise the royal families right to exist.

That’s all.

@robert @tobyr21 I feel like a spring chicken now :p I haven’t had to do any real coms or web systems work up to now but every time I peep into the void I get a glimpse of the tangled mess of different tech cobbled together to do one simple thing and then just back out quietly and shut the door.

I am happy sitting here programming my pic chips thanks.

@robert ugh xcode is the worst thing, never fails to break in new and interesting ways.

@tomosaigon @neauoire likely; I am not hyper up on all of the technologies in web dev.

@neauoire oh wow, congratulations. I thought the whole purpose of npm was to allow file io and such. If you can just do it from vanilla js what is the point in npm in most cases.

Looks like its time for Cuba to save everyone again.

@dualhammers I did however wait gir all the forget me nits to die and dry out by the side of the road on the way to work and the gathered a load if the dry plants and chucked them around the edge if our garden. Hopefully they dropped their seeds and we will be over run by them this year.

@dualhammers i put a load if wild flower seeds down last year but they haven’t done anything yet. Think the birds ate most of them, so not a total loss I suppose.

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