Knuckle-dusters, a duster that you wear on your knuckles for fighting dirt.

Give dust a knuckle sandwich.

@Lofenyy i am glad my presence has bought you some joy. *pours tea*

Good morning fediverse. How are you all this morning?

*gets teapot ready*

I don’t watch the queens speech and never have because quite frankly I believe the monarchy is immoral and the Queen can do one.

This doesn’t mean I hate my country.

@ice we craved interactions with each other so we made all these amazing games to play. Then we realised we didn’t have the time to play or the kids were ill or we were working late so we caved in and made solo rules.

@ice yeah tabletop games have changed so much in recent years. We really are living in a golden age of boardgames and ttrpg at the moment.

I think a lot of it is driven also by people my age who grew up playing computer games on the couch passing a controller around. We all sort of migrated to playing online and I think as we have gotten older and priorities shifted its seems more important to actually make the effort to get together now and them as online began to feel more meaninglessness.

@ice I have come back into the fold of tabletop games in the last few years. I was getting far too much screen time in by working in IT and the playing computer games in the evening. When i discovered there were solo board games I fell straight down the rabbit hole and i'm not sure i will ever get out.

@ice I really enjoyed both quill and alone among the stars.

Psst, I also just released my own solo journal writing game.

Ethics of walking in Cricket.

“Kant gives another formulation to the categorical imperative: “Act always in such a way that you treat other people as an end in themselves, and not as a means to an end”. We should not view our fellow cricketers as the means to our own pleasure. They also have hopes, dreams and fears. You owe them the truth. Walk.”

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@robert I miss my wife's Christmas cake. Just haven't had time in the last couple of years to make it with the little one arriving and things. I hope she gets back into the habit of making it again.

@robert I am assuming people in the US have marmite or is it just a thing that us in the UK are cursed with?

My brief review of 7th Continent.

Its pretty good to be frank. Feels quite original despite being a glorified choose your own adventure. If you like a narrative driven game that makes you feel like you are actually exploring a continent then it’s great. If you are looking for a solo that presents you with interesting puzzles, challenges and novel mechanics probably not so much. Defiantly has replay value.

Think it might be a bit of a marmite game for some but I like it.

I just love buying these old reference books from charity shops.

@ice yeah I look at some that didn’t have a resonator so that I would be able to practice without disturbing anyone in the evening. I have some off cut wood about the place so I thought I might be able to knock one up myself.

@ice oooh fun! I was just going to go for a cheap off the shelf job just to get started and then get myself something nice once I have settled into it. The kalimba bug had bitten me too, what have you done to me.

@electret yeah its all a bit rank. The author aligns with the title though so its the illustrator that seems tacked on to me. The lack of capitalisation on the names too.

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