@Korsier mostly solo games as my nearest board game night had to disband. I am playing a lot of:

7th Continent
Nemo’s war
Blackstone Fortress
Tiny Towns

Although I haven’t had as much time of late what with everything going on. Me and my wife at the moment are fond of:

Agricola: all creatures great and small.

Good morning everyone.

*fills teapot*

Milk and sugar?

@carriage that film was so good. I haven’t had a chance to watch the series yet but if it’s as good as the film it’s a winner.

“No of course not that Beathoven. I meant the dog, it was the 90’s, they were making a film. Yes they could ‘play’ the piano; and yes they did like a glass of sherry.”

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I love the idea of a vampire who used to hobnob with a lot of famous people name dropping in conversations with mortals in the future; completely forgetting themselves and having to backtrack.

Cricket test match is supposed to start today.

Of course today is the start of the first period of constant rain we have had since, probably, January.

This is also the only book I have that has two of the little book mark ribbons.

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@flip yes indeed. Its a solo journaling game where you write the diary or a vampire who lives for a thousand years. The memories of the vampire come and go because you can only remember so much.


@PastaThief “I’m 750 years old, you have any idea how many times I need to get up in the day to pee?”

@flip the picture really doesn’t do it credit!

The foiling doesn’t show up as well as it can. It’s sooo beautiful.

@paulbeakley Fiasco and For the Queen are not only two of my favourite games; they are also both what I use to introduce people to role play. Good to see I am making sound choices in that regard.

@robert it is, the name generator in character creation is wonderful. Just built a character called Stumble Underbed.

Post came today. When i can see my little gaming group in person again I am going yo tun this.


potty training 

@ice 200 page list of things that are now piss.

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