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Inktober day 13. 

We watched the fire burn down to almost nothing.

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Time fir the one clothes shopping trip I do every 2 - 3 year I suppose.

Inktober day 12 

The locals say that a dragon lives in the bottom of the mountain which is why it never stops smoking.

Well that was a whole evening and I just manages to build a project with SDL2. Sometimes i hate C.

After Inktober I will take a little break from drawing, but I think the bug has bitten me again. I am definitely going to keep drawing now as I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. One drawing a day is a bit much, but enjoyable nonetheless. I think I might get some ink and a brush too and start working wet.

Inktober day 11 

During the winter the lake used to freeze and we could walk through the snow on its surface.

Inktober day 10 

Sometimes they just sit and watch the shape if reflections in the lakes water for hours.

Just wrote a small rpg (about 300 characters). Will type up onto pdf and share later once play tested at work!

Cracked the graphics tablet out again and gave noodle a go. I can just about draw on a computer again.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the fatigue that Inktober could cause. I purposely choose to work in small sketches instead of bigger finished works to make the drawing manageable, none of my pictures have taken more than about 45 minutes to produce and often much less. Nonetheless I find myself trying to think about what I am going to do 1 or 2 prompts into the future before I have finished the current one. Finding 45 mins a day to draw, and produce output, is harder than I thought.

@BisScottie Hi there welcome to Have a look around and if you feel ready post an introduction. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact your frienly locan mods @robert @fabian or myself. Happy tooting!

Inktober day 9 

The tree got sick and had to be cut down but the wizard didn’t want to lose his thinking swing.

The problem is that painting on a window using xlib is too slow so you get the dots if you move the cursor at any rate. I am unsure how to mitigate this. Any ideas?

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Inktober day 8 

Nothing had grown in the soil for years but eventually the first tentative signs of life started to appear again.

So it looks like i might be building a version of noodle in c except it wont have an erase mode, i might user round brushes. Might also try and add graphic tablet pressure too.

Just read up on displaying and drawing on a window with X11. Does this now mean I am destined to make my own drawing tool?

I like working with physical ink and paper instead of digitally. The permanent nature of putting ink on paper makes me have to accept and work with my mistakes and think about my pen strokes. The easily corrected nature of drawing digitally means I spend too much time fussing over small things, trying to redraw the same line over and over until its perfect, that i never actually finish anything. This is something I need to address.

Inktober day 7 

The city of Sparrow Pit took to the clouds to avoid war. Unfortunately the wizards that put it there couldn’t work out how to get it down before the food and water ran out.

We are loosing trees at an alarming rate! I made a 200 word RPG for the 200 word RPG challenge that encourages people to interact with trees and appreciate them before they are gone.

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