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One last push to get another book read before the year is out. Starting to make time for reading has been a huge positive boost to me this year.

I wish I understood grammar and spelling. I think its just beyond my remit as I have lived with an English teacher for 6 years, she has explained things to me so many times and they never stick.

Do you remember when you didn’t go and vote because it was raining and then a Tory government cut the benefits of a load of disabled people because you didn’t stop them?

No me neither.

Go vote.

Its Election Day and its not my place to tell you how to vote.

But not Tory ok.

Today our PM hid in a fridge to avoid a weekday morning light entertainment show.

That’s what is going on in this country.

I do not like fedora at all. To me it feels like linux a few years ago when things could still be tricky to setup.

What I have enjoyed this year.

Blackstone Fortress.
Nemo’s War.
7th Continent.

What I look for in a solo. (Although they don’t have to tick all boxes)
Quick setup and pack away. Campaign.
Good feel of narrative.
Session length of about an hour.

Im really looking for next years big solo game that I can start and play in several sessions over the year or be an ongoing campaign. The perfect game would basically be a solo rpg in board game format. Any ideas?

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So im going to have a little bit of spare cash coming up and I would like to plump for a new solo board game. So here are two questions for you lot.

1) I have been thinking about scythe but it feels like it will take forever solo. Ling setup, long play, long pack up. How long in your experience does it take solo?

2) do you have any suggestions for great solos? Details in following toot

I really don’t understand Baileys. Its like someone put white spirit in cream, tasted it, and thought “you know what would make this better, 6 bags of sugar”.

non parents tell you how to parent. 

I gave them a bit of guidance on how to look up solutions for problems on duckduckgo and now they have a couple of aliases set in their .bashrc for things they do regularly. Asked if they felt the need to go back to windows they replied “absolutely not, im quite enjoying learning all this stuff.“

People, now is the time. Switch to Linux it has never been easier!

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Remember how I mentioned that one of the people at work was buying a new laptop without Windows installed and was going to give Linux a go? Few weeks in and with a tiny bit of guidance:

* Installed elementary and decided it wasn’t for him.
* Installed Mint.
* Upgraded the kernel himself to get wifi working.
* Found open source alternatives to some windows only software they used.

This is someone who isn’t particularly computer smart and had no idea how they worked.

Knuckle-dusters, a duster that you wear on your knuckles for fighting dirt.

Give dust a knuckle sandwich.

Good morning fediverse. How are you all this morning?

*gets teapot ready*

I don’t watch the queens speech and never have because quite frankly I believe the monarchy is immoral and the Queen can do one.

This doesn’t mean I hate my country.

Ethics of walking in Cricket.

“Kant gives another formulation to the categorical imperative: “Act always in such a way that you treat other people as an end in themselves, and not as a means to an end”. We should not view our fellow cricketers as the means to our own pleasure. They also have hopes, dreams and fears. You owe them the truth. Walk.”

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