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Once a year a group of us get together for a Christmas meal. Some of us have known each other for 20+ years, some of us played in bands together. It’s always a really important day to us as it’s not only the only time everyone is in one place it’s also the only time we get to see some of our oldest friends. It’s today and our little family can’t attend because we have all come down with the sickness :(

So if anyone was interested in what my favourite solo i played this year have been then this is the blog post for you.

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If you’re interested in solo RPGs, interactive fiction or procedural storytelling, you should really try AI Dungeon if you haven’t already. It’s free for a few days, and absolutely mind-blowing:


item of the week.

A wooden spoon that makes the food you are eating taste of your dining partners opinion of you and intentions. If you eat alone food just tastes like the blackness of the void.

I just want to say that minimal prompts are the way forward, but its nice to have the current directory printed on the line above.

in fish this is:

function fish_prompt
set_color green; echo (pwd)
set_color normal; echo '$ '

Once while working in an office I broke my keyboard at lunchtime. It was the wire that went bad so it didn’t work at all. Spent the rest of the day copy pasting words from websites in my browser history to compose emails.

I know i say this every time I have to deal with it but here it is again.

I do not like Objective-C, I do not like it much at all.

Stop putting gold leaf on food. There are people who cannot afford to eat and you are eating money. Stop it.

I have made the decision that from now onwards none of my software projects going forward will support Windows or OS X directly. Some may run on OS X by coincidence but I am no longer willing to support either platform. Life is too short to deal with the anti platform that is Win and I am not buying another mac. This will likely affect nobody.

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Does anyone know of anybody still manufacturing phone rotary dials or are we looking at all old stock?

Hello hope you are all having a good morning. *makes tea*

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New Gab instance, cw all the things, boost OK 

I was looking at an orca project earlier and wondered to myself what the save file would look like to store such a complex thing. Looked at the save file and.... of course its just a plain text of the ui. Simplicity is king.

People of Mastodon, show me your sample packs. Installing renoise tonight and want some inspiration!

Its so disheartening to work on an app that was at first a simple clickButton>doesThing that worked really well that has turned into:


All because people think unbridled flexibility to the user is more important than simple usability.

I have shouted it from the rooftops many times but here it is again, MAKE YOUR SOFTWARE DO ONE THING WELL, NOT TEN THINGS AVERAGELY!

My Dad: We are doing a Christmas show.

Me: who’s we?

My Dad: Me and you, heres the songs. *hands pink folder of music*, bye now.

Guess I should start learning.

I have had to drink black coffee this morning as I have run out of tea and it has reaffirmed 2 things fir me.

1) coffee tastes horrible in every way, how you lot think this is a good way to start anything let alone a whole day is beyond me.

2) I need decaf, im only half way down the mug and I feel like I am about to have a heart attack.

Bonus 3) seriously what are you all thinking? Why would you drink this when you could have a steamy cup of lapsang.

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