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As requested to balance out the things I don’t like post here are things I do like.

M R James.
Wes Anderson.
Jimmy Corigan.
The Cohen Brothers.

When your wife brings home things like this for you, you know you have married the correct person.

These are things that people often assume I should like but don’t and spend a great deal of time trying to convince me I am wrong and that I should give them another go but from a different point of view.

Lord of the rings.
Star Wars/ Treck.
Game of thrones.

These are all things I have given a fair go and I did not enjoy.

Whenever I say “What did Horus do?” Our 2yo says “nothing wrong“.

Job done.

Last night we played The Skeletons, a little rpg about being skeletons guarding a tomb. It was fun, a bit silly and didn’t play too long. Having a big sheet of paper on the table on which we all draw the tomb was interesting.

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Hey, theres a new draft of the Adventurer available right now with new art and a better layout. Also has an oracl and aura in the back to help you kickstart your game. Go check it out!

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Hello fellow skaterz! 😎

We are , a libre community created tabletop RPG similar to the , or kind of games.

That means that YOU can share, edit or even SELL Bind if you'd like or make your own game out of it.

But most important of all, it's a fun roleplaying game that isn't in the way of the ocmmunity and you having fun. 😀

Please share!

One of the girls in the gaming group just sent this picture around and now I am excited.

Haven’t been playing DnD for a while because everyone’s lives getting in the way, but we should be back at the table soon. Its me running a campaign this time and after my last “you are newcomers to town running a haunted bakery for a demon” campaign I feel like my next is going to be even better. This time its:

“You are on a paradise island for a flour arrangement contest when... one of the contestants is murdered the night before the competition starts and you are all prime suspects!”

I am really getting to grips with using a drawing tablet on the computer now. Previously I had never gotten on with them and just gone back to pen and ink but i have given it more of a chance and now i am quite liking them. I sit quite comfortably on the sofa with laptop on my lap and tablet raised up on a cushion next to me.

Slightly better one with the jaggy edges removed and a few bits touched up. calling it done.

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Hit me up if you have a media project that needs sound/music - games, movies, installations of any size, I'd love to talk about it :)

The adult education centre announced its next course was going to be the universe!

My Dad a few weeks ago upon heating this: “I don’t know if I’ll bother going on this one, I’m not really interested in that stuff“

My dad this morning after the first few sessions: “I bought a telescope, want to come over tonight and try see the rings of Saturn?”

We have tools electron that allow you to make an application quite quickly and progress from idea to implementing it really fast. This comes at the expense if shipping code that is needlessly bloated. I shipped a small text editor last year that required a whole chrome browser instance to render its ui. Obscene.

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Bear in mind i am as guilty of writing the bloated code as much as anyone but it has started dawning on properly.

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